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Wildlife Removal Advice - Do skunks jump?

Do skunks jump?

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While it may not look like it, the skunk actually falls into the same class of animals as badgers and weasels. They don't look very much like these animals, but the similarities between them are far more than you may realize.

There are really many different things about skunks that make them quite unique. While they are a cute animal in terms of appearance, the further on their bodies is quite course, and there is always that horrific spray that they release whenever they feel threatened or scared. This is one of the unique features of a skunk, and is one reason why so many people want to do all that they can to stay away from these creatures.

While you may not want to skunk around your property, it is important to understand this animal's behavior if you are going to be able to deter them from coming onto your land. That can mean that it is important to understand what kinds of things that they can do so that they are able to try to get onto your property. One of these should be to figure out if skunks can jump?

In an effort to try to keep a skunk off of your land, you may try to take measures like building a fence to try to keep it away. This would seem to be a sensible decision, considering offense can be used to keep several different kinds of animals away. Many build a fence to not only keep their dog in their yard, but it can also be a great tool to keep raccoons off their property or out of their garden.

For a skunk, offense is often very little obstacle in its effort to be able to get onto your land. In less you are using a metal fence, the skunk is able to use it's very sharp and strong clause to dig its way into the wood or mesh and climb its way up the fence. In no time at all, it can be on your land.

Others create different kinds of deterrence, hoping that this will be able to stop a skunk from getting on their land. They are hoping that the creature will not be able to jump its way across some kind of structure, but sadly this is not the case.

Because of their powerful back legs, skunks are actually very good jumpers they are able to reach a span of up to 3 feet, maybe even a little bit more, depending upon the area that they are trying to get across. This can mean that a skunk can easily jump onto your deck, get onto a shelf inside a shed, or move on to some other kind of structure in its efforts to find food or shelter.

While a skunk is able to jump, keep in mind that it's not some kind of world record holder. This means that if you set up a 4 or 5 foot high metal fence it will likely be enough to keep the skunk out.

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