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Wildlife Removal Advice - Can a skunk climb a fence?

Can a skunk climb a fence?

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A skunk is one of those kinds of animals that you want to do all you can to keep them out. While you should have serious concerns about the pathogens and diseases these animals carry, most of us worry about them because of the horrible odor that they can release when they are startled by a potential predator. This will cause them to turn, lift their tail, and spray, making you run in fear from the horrific odor.

To stop these animals from getting onto your property, many decide to put up a fence, believing that this will become the perfect option to deter a skunk from being able to get onto their land. It properly constructed so that it doesn't leave any gaps or holes to it, this becomes the perfect option to keep a skunk out. Or is it? What you may want to know is can a skunk climb a fence?

While you may not like to hear this, a skunk is actually quite exceptional at being able to climb. Not only are they good at it, they like to do it, which means that your fence may pose no issue to them whatsoever.

The clause on a skunk are extremely sharp and powerful, meaning that they are able to dig their way into virtually any kind of material to be able to climb. It does not matter whether you have a wooden fence, chain-link fence, or some other kind, of skunk is able to climb these fences with relative ease. This makes keeping them out and even greater challenge for you.

What you need, and terms of offense, to keep them out is actually a solid metal fence. The reason behind this is that the skunk is not able to dig its long claws into the fence, denying it the ability to climb. This becomes your deterrent if you are finding that you are having an issue with skunks getting onto your land. Because of their inability to pierce the metal sheets they are blocked out from getting up the fence in your problem is resolved.

Of course, metal is significantly more expensive than using wood, but if you are having a problem with skunks and find that you cannot get them to stay away, then this is really the best option for you.

You may find that by turning to a metal fence that you solve a lot more problems than just a skunk. A possum is also an animal that can climb and they are able to get up a wood or chain link fence quite easily, so using a metal fence can be the perfect solution to solve more than one problem. You will also find that this will help you with other animals that can pose a risk by trying to break wooden fences or who look to work their way through the links in a chain link fence.

Put this kind of fence up and you will find that your skunk problem is likely resolved.

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