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Types of Wildlife and Animal Problems in Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas Wildlife Control Info

If you need a professional wildlife trapper in Las Vegas, NV call Critter Control: 702-420-2750

Nevada State bird: Mountain bluebird
State mammal: Desert bighorn sheep
State reptile: Desert tortoise
State fish: Lahontan cutthroat trout

Nevada is surprisingly the most mountainous state in the continental United States. It is second in mountain ranges only to Alaska. The climate of Nevada is arid and semi-arid. Over 82 percent of the state is owned by the government or military operations. Despite the desert conditions over the majority of the state, certain mountains regions do receive rain from what is called the Arizona Monsoon. This event sometimes drops significant water on regions of Nevada resulting in sky islands, lush areas of plant life in the elevated mountain valleys, far above the desert plains. The climate in Nevada makes the days hot and the nights cold, a typical transition for a desert region.

Despite being so dry and hot, the state has over 126 different species of mammals, as well as 54 reptiles, 17 amphibians, and over 80 species of fish.

One of the most appealing but rather unknown animals of Nevada is the American pika. This animal lives in remote mountain regions where the temperatures are often cold. The rodents resemble a chinchilla without the super-abundance of fur. Similar mountain dwellers, those that prefer the cooler temperatures of the peaks, are black bears, bobcats, elk, bighorn sheep, mountain lions, mule deer, and pronghorns. Coyotes have also adapted to living in most regions of the state, though the canines do need a water source to quench their thirst. The numerous lizards and reptiles living in the arid regions make for a unique food supply for the roaming coyotes, though food in the lowlands can be scarce.

Smaller animals tend to fare better in the hot climate, and Nevada has a number of rodents like pocket gophers, jack rabbits, western jumping mice, and shrews. Bats are common in Nevada. The flying creatures enjoy the warm weather, and feast on the bugs that come out when the land begins to cool down for the night.

The Mountain Home Range and the Conger Range are the homes to isolated herds of wild horses. Because human expansion into the desert regions of Nevada is minimal, human and animal conflicts tend to be less in this state than in many others. The region does have a good number of pests, though, including porcupines, muskrats, beavers, chipmunks, squirrels, rabbits, ringtails, and skunks.
  Las Vegas Raccoons: This masked animal is fairly common in Las Vegas, NV. They frequently raid trash cans and steal pet food. They also often choose to live in the attic or chimney of your home. One of Nevada's beautiful animals, but often a nuisance. We offer Las Vegas raccoon removal.
  Las Vegas Squirrels: Squirrels are often a pest in Las Vegas. They love to live in an attic, and will chew on wood or electrical wires. They are agile creatures, and live throughout the state of Nevada. Call Critter Control if you need squirrel removal in Las Vegas.
  Las Vegas Opossum: You may spot this animal in Las Vegas at night time, perhaps rooting through your garbage. This opportunistic animal will take your pet's food or live under your porch. The possum is a great Nevada survivor, and not all that ugly.
  Las Vegas Snakes: There are many species of snakes in Las Vegas, but few are venomous. If you need help identifying snakes of Nevada, browse this site or give us a call at 702-420-2750. We at Critter Control can provide Las Vegas snake control any time you need us.
  Las Vegas Rat Control: The Norway Rat, Roof Rat, and House Mouse inhabit most areas of North America that people inhabit, including most Nevada cities. They contaminate food and love to live in the walls or attic of a home. Critter Control can get rid of them once and for all.
  Las Vegas Bats: Bats are special animals, and found throughout Nevada. They are good creatures and eat a lot of insects, but if you have an infestation of bats in your home or building, you can give us a call for professional Las Vegas bat removal and control.
We are experts with all kinds of NV wildlife. If you need Las Vegas pigeon control, geese or other bird removal, we can help. We are experts with skunks and skunk problems, digging animals such as moles, armadillos, & groundhogs, and we offer Nevada beaver control and removal. Critter Control also provides dead animal removal services. 702-420-2750


Las Vegas Wildlife Tip
Dealing With Rodent feces - Anyone who has experienced a rodent invasion in their home will be aware of the devastation these creatures can leave behind them. Rodents are inquisitive, adventurous creatures whose natural curiosity drives them to explore any nook or cranny they find. Once in your home they will do everything they can to make themselves at home - and this includes spraying the whole area with rodent feces and urine. The feces and urine of rodents is known to contain pheromones - used to signal and direct other rodents to the nest site.

Having successfully removed the rodent infestation from your home you will need to thoroughly clean the area they have used to raise their families in. If the rodents have been in your attic it is likely that you will have to replace entirely any insulation materials - which are likely to be contaminated with both urine and rodent feces. It will then be necessary to carry out a deep clean of the whole area, while wearing protective clothing and a mask - during this cleaning period, it is essential the area is well ventilated, however care must be taken not to leave any available openings for the rodents to gain re-entry. The fecal matter of rodents is considered a hazard to human health and every precaution must be taken to deal with it safely. 
Las Vegas, NV Wildlife News Clip:
Wildlife Rehabbers in Las Vegas, NV

Mike The Las Vegas pest control specialist, Clark County Animal Services manager, said he hears few complaints about wildlife-rescue operations. Code-enforcement officials in Clark generally don't concern themselves with the wildlife rehabilitation facilities because they don't charge for their services and aren't considered businesses, he said. Nevada has an abundance of wildlife, and Las Vegas is no exception.

"Most of the wildlife rehabbers are real conscientious about not letting them get loose," The Las Vegas pest control specialist said. His agency receives many calls about people raising squirrels and rats, and also gets an occasional complaint about people with chickens, "especially when they get a rooster." Although several species of wildlife roam Las Vegas, only a few, such as raccoons and Eastern Gray Squirrels and rats, are considered pest wildlife.

The Las Vegas pest control specialist's agency uses the wildlife rehabilitation facilities regularly. "They're a big help to us," he said. "If it's native wildlife, we try to get them to take it," he said. "Otherwise, we would probably just put it to sleep. Nevada has many reptiles, and it's important to be able to identify Las Vegas snake species and mammals.

"Most of the wildlife rehabbers all know each other and they work together," he said. "We don't even know about them all."


We also service the towns of Stateline or Primm and also animal control in Sunrise Manor, Henderson and pest control in Southern Highlands, Pahrump and wild animal services in Mesquite and wildlife management in Boulder City.
You're still reading this page? We do not operate Las Vegas wildlife rescue, but are a privately owned nuisance wildlife removal service company. If you need a pro in Las Vegas to solve your problem for you, call Critter Control: 702-420-2750 and they can help you with your Las Vegas wildlife problem.
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