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"Ahh... delightful, wonderful, cute, tweeting birds. Jewels of the sky" you say. You're wrong. I don't know why birds get such praise while say, bats, get such a bad rap, but birds can be just as much a nuisance as anything with hair or claws or teeth. They're noisy, they leave their droppings everywhere, they roost in public places, and they're dirtier than most animals. If you're reading this page, you may already know this, so give me a call, and my Florida bird removal company can control these pesky culprits. Click here for an example of bird control by AAAnimal Control.

To the right you will see some pigeons that I captured using standard pigeon traps, placed on the roof of an Orlando commercial property where they created a nuisance with their unsightly and disease-ridden droppings. Click here for more photos of birds I've trapped.

Pigeons have adapted well to urban environments. Most cities are full of flocks of these birds, just looking for handouts. They often associate humans with food, and are unafraid to flock closely to people. They are also unafraid to leave droppings everywhere (cars are obviously preferred spots), along with nesting material. The nesting material can clog vents and drain pipes, and cause potential fire hazards. The droppings and feathers can contaminate vents of buildings, as well as food destined for human consumption. If that's not enough, pigeons lack the common decency to rid themselves of parasite and disease before they enter our urban areas. These "flying rats" or "gutter birds" can carry or transmit: pigeon ornithosis, encephalitis, Newcastle disease, histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, toxoplasmosis, pseudo-tuberculosis, pigeon coccidiosis and salmonella food poisoning. Pigeon parasites include a number of bugs, fleas, ticks and mites.

Sparrows and Starlings often choose to nest in buildings. This causes problems when nesting material clogs vents and drain pipes, and poses a fire hazard. These birds are not as dirty as pigeons, but feces buildup can lead to structural damage from the uric acid in droppings, plus the bacteria, fungal agents and parasites in the feces also pose a health risk. There's a couple of bird repellant devices on the market for these birds, but they don't work well. Best have a company do the job right.

Woodpeckers are a nuisance when they decide to peck on your house instead of a tree. Woodpeckers hammer on trees for two reasons: in search of food, and as a signaling device. The males repeatedly sound off to claim their territory (can't they just sing like normal birds? No, they just have to drum). Woodpeckers often find that a wooden house serves as a good place to make their noisy territory claim, perhaps due to better acoustics. If your house has insects, then that gives woodpeckers another reason to peck away. I've seen houses full of woodpecker holes. They can cause quite a headache with their noisy hammering, and quite a lot of damage to a home. Usually to solve a woodpecker problem, the birds must be excluded from the building. They cannot be trapped or killed, as they are protected. Thus, the best way to deter them is to install netting that prevents them from landing on the side of the house. This netting ought to be extruded a few inches or a foot off the house, mounted with L brackets.

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Many people seek bird repellent in order to get rid of birds, but that won't work. In order to properly solve a bird problem, a company should install real physical deterrents in order to prevent the birds from roosting in a particular area. You do not want to hire a pest control company for birds, or what some might call a bird extermination company, you want to hire a real professional bird control company to take care of the problem, not some yokel who might think that the proper approach is to kill the birds . The birds shouldn't really be trapped, and bird trapping only works in certain unique situations. Getting rid of the birds is only part of the solution. Birds are a problem because of the mess they make, and after the birds are gone, you will want professional cleaning and removal of the bird droppings. Other, less urbanized birds can cause problems as well, such as noise and unwanted droppings. Seagulls, crows, geese, ducks, vultures, etc. If a bird isn't regularly nesting in an urban area, it can be hard to control, but there are ways. I even caught and removed this owl! Click here if you need Tampa bird control.

Have you heard? AAAnimal Control deterred that bird herd! Word.

AAAnimal Control is a professional nuisance wildlife control company. It is my goal to provide information so that you can solve your bird problem in an effective and responsible manner. Wildlife services include animal trapping, capture & removal, plus animal damage repairs and preventative measures. You can always browse this site for more details and info about bird removal. If you live elsewhere in the US and have found this site and need a local trapper in your area, click here for a nationwide list of 100's of professional bird removal experts.

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