Armadillo Removal Tactics in Florida


05.23.2003 - I managed to capture this fine photo of an armadillo running along at night. Armadillos are nocturnal creatures, so they're not often seen. When they are spotted, they are frequently rooting around, sniffing the ground for worms and grubs, and digging. I saw this armadillo sniffing the lawn at a customer's house after dark (I work long days) and I quietly approached it. It ran away, but I ran along after it, and managed to take this photograph. It's a nice looking (in my opinion) and relatively harmless animal, so why do people desire armadillo removal? The primary reason is because armadillos are digging and burrowing animals, and they will dig up a lawn in search of food, or dig large burrows on the property in which to live, love, and laugh. Armadillos love to laugh. They often dig these burrows next to a home, and can potential undermine the foundation. Thus, many customers call me seeking armadillo removal. Here are the primary tactics:

Trapping: The best way to get rid of armadillos in any given area is to trap and remove them. I place cage traps in the appropriate manner in the appropriate places, and I catch the armadillos humanely, then relocate them away from the area.

Exclusion: When possible, why not just block the armadillos out of the property? For example, if they're going under a shed, porch, or pool deck, I can install steel screen around the perimeter to keep them out. Or a fence around the property - I can install steel screen into the ground at the bottom of the fence, and this keeps the armadillos out.

Repellents: Sorry to get you excited, but there's really no such thing. Go ahead and try the classics: moth balls, ammonia (actually, these aren't good for the environment) or coyote urine. They won't affect armadillos in the slightest.

Your best bet actually, is probably to hire an experienced armadillo trapper for your dillo removal needs.

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Armadillo Removal Tips - Dealing with an armadillo problem can be a serious issue for many people, particularly for gardeners who can become massively frustrated at the damage caused by these animals as they dig looking for insects. On the whole keeping the armadillos out is often the easiest solution, and a good fence that is embedded at least six inches under the surface will be very difficult for an armadillo to get through. Alternatively, some people will have success by reducing the attractiveness of a garden to armadillos, and providing minimal cover and ensuring no garbage is left out can help in this instance.

In some cases there is no choice but to actually deal with the armadillo itself, and trapping and removal is often the best solution in this instance. A cage trap that can house a large domestic cat is usually the best option to catch an armadillo, and many people have success by placing earthworms in the trap as bait. The best way to do this is to place the worms in a stocking so that they remain in the trap. Other people have had success using fruit as bait, but it isn?t one of the natural foods eaten by armadillos and can attract other animals.

Ever since armadillos began their time in the United States in Texas, they have steadily expanded their territory. Now, Florida is home to one of the larger armadillo populations in the country. Homeowners in Florida are constantly struggling with the damage that armadillos cause to their properties. These critters root around in the ground trying to find worms, grubs, and other insects, in addition to digging burrows for shelter. Luckily, there are ways to remove armadillos that are humane and effective. Continue reading this article to find out more.

What damage do armadillos cause?

Armadillos wreak havoc on yards, due to their tendency to be serial tunnel-makers. They create large burrows with many escapes and root around for insects in your yard. Not only does this make your yard look bad, but it can also cause serious problems. Small sinkholes are possible if armadillos inhabit your yard for long enough. Not only is this not fun to fix, but it can damage your home's structure, air conditioner, and any other outdoor fixtures you have. In addition to the property damage, armadillos are known to carry leprosy. As can be seen, it is important to remove these critters as soon as you are aware of their presence.

How can I prevent armadillos?

One simple way in which you can prevent armadillos is by simply cleaning up your yard and garden. Clean up brushy areas, woodpiles, and tall grass, as these critters love to burrow around these shelters. Cleaning up fruit that has fallen from fruit trees will help keep them away as well. By putting up a fence, you can keep armadillos out. It must run underground as well, as they can burrow under. It might not look the best, but it will keep armadillos out. Spreading castor oil around your yard is an excellent option for prevention. Basically, the scent of the oil seeps into the ground and deters them from your property.

How can I remove armadillos humanely?

Obviously, it is important to try to prevent armadillos before they come onto your property using the above methods. That being said, if you have armadillos already, it is important to remove them. One of the most effective, efficient, and humane ways to remove armadillos is to use a cage trap. These traps are entirely harmless, as a door simply falls, keeping the armadillos locked into the cage. In this way, you can catch and release armadillos without harming them. Always check laws in your area before trapping and relocating, because they can vary a lot. The most simple cage trap method is to find the armadillo's burrow. Once you have found the burrow, place the mouth of the cage trap in front of the opening of the burrow. Use rocks, sticks, or lumber placed in a V, to funnel the armadillo right into the cage trap. Once it is inside, it will step on the trigger of the trap, allowing the door to shut. In this way, you can effectively remove armadillos one at a time, while not harming them in the process. This is the way professional wildlife control services throughout Florida choose to operate, as it is effective, cost-efficient, and humane.

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