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Horrible Smell Inside of a Building - How to Get Rid of Bad Odor

04.21.2006 - This was an interesting job. I perform dead animal removals on a nearly daily basis. The jobs are always the same - someone calls me with a horrible odor inside the home or building, and suspects that it's a dead animal carcass, and they call me out to address the problem. Most of the time it is a dead animal. However, every now and then the odor is from a different source. Sometimes it's rotting meat - such as the bag of rotting hamburger meat I once found on top of a fridge, the rotting chicken I found behind a stereo, or the rotting and forgotten steak inside a microwave. Sometimes it's mold. And in this case, it was an abandoned plumbing system.

I entered the building, and yes, it smelled horrible. However the stench was not that of a rotting animal, or rotting meat of any kind. I worked very hard to find the source, but I had great difficulty. The people in the office building, meanwhile, had pretty much abandoned half of the building due to the odor, which had gone on for over a year, and were desperate for a solution. I crawled all around in the ceiling and attic, which was in fact two attics, since someone had built a second roof over the first roof.

After a long and frustrating search, I was almost about to quit, when I finally stuck my nose atop one of the old abandoned plumbing stacks on the old roof. WHAM, I got a snootfull of one of the most gag-inducing odors I've ever laid my nose upon. I'd found it alright. Something in the abandoned plumbing system was rotten, and stunk to high heavens. I simply blocked off the old plumbing stacks, all of which blasted forth the foul odor. I don't know if the airflow was necessary, or if anything should have been vented, but they told me to block 'em, so I did. I really saved the day, and I should have gotten more pay. No no, the smiles on all of their faces was payment enough for me.

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