Gordon Butler the Mummified Bat

11.12.2006 - Look at this fine looking fellow. It's a mummified bat. I've named him Gordon Marion Butler III for unspecified reasons. It was quite the delight to see this sight at night, when I shone my bright light just right, it looks like it might take flight and bite. Oh, Gordon, you zany mummified bat. If anything, this specimen proves one thing - no, not that bats, Gordon in particular, are handsome, but that they can really cling to stuff. I mean, if you expire and you're still hanging on for dear life, ur death, then you've got a good grip on things. Bats are downright sticky.

I guess there's not a whole lot else to say. I showed up at this commercial bat job in Windermere, FL and found this old dead bat hanging around the scene. The other bats didn't even have the good decency to give him a proper funeral. Still, I'm glad to see a bat die a natural death. Old Gordon here was probably a good ten years old when he died, and he died on his own terms - on display for me to see when I came to remove his buddies. So if you need bat control or removal in Windermere FL or anywhere else, or need a spooky image to liven up your next nightmare, I'm at your service. Worst blog post ever.

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Ever heard of the incredible mummified bat called Gordon Butler?

When you Google Gordon Butler, two prominent figures will be presented to you. You will find a law professor from the St. Thomas University’s School of Law who has a decade of law experience with companies in the ranks of Fortune 500 corporations. On the other hand, you will find an actor and director. This Gordon, the actor, is known for films such as Surveillance, Wrath of the Volcano Goddess, Homage, and Amer. When it comes to the world of bats and bat removal, Gordon Butler is a whole different character. Gordon Butler is the Mummified Bat.

Gordon Butler the Mummified Bat was found at a property in the beautiful city of Windermere, Florida. However, the sight of Gordon Butler the Mummified Bat was not all that beautiful. This was an interesting situation because when light was shone on the bat, it almost looked as if it was going to fly and bite. The discovery of Gordon Butler the Mummified Bat still holding on tight even after death, shows how mighty a bat cling is.

It is not pleasant to have dead bats hanging (no pun intended) around in your house. The stench can be downright repulsive, and this can attract a lot of flies and other unwanted pests. If you discover a dead bat at your home, it is important that you contact a professional pest removal service. Attempting to remove a dead bat on your home can pose very serious health risks.

The temptation will be real to go ahead and remove the dead bat from your home. The terrible stench flowing through your home and the tons of flies lingering around the dead bat can really be annoying. However, do not give in to the temptation to tamper with a dead bat. You may end up regretting this for some time. if you tamper with a dead bat similar to Gordon Butler the Mummified Bat, you will expose yourself to diseases and parasites.

If there is a case where a dead bat absolutely must be removed, there are some precautions that you must take. Keep in mind that this is only to be done in extreme cases where the dead bat cannot be left in a certain spot after dying. USGS suggests that you use a plastic bag over your hand or a glove that is disposable to remove a dead bat from your property. After you have taken up the dead bat, place it and the plastic bag into another bag. After this, spray disinfectant on all areas that interacted with the bar and then dispose of the bat immediately. You then need to diligently wash your hands and any clothing that touched the bat.

We hope you never have to deal with a dead bat like Gordon Butler the Mummified Bat.

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