Bat Repellant - Chases 'Em Out!

04.04.2007 - What are these crazy bats doing outside of the tile roof during broad daylight? Don't they know that the sun will turn them to dust? What could drive them out of their home and into the cursed light of Earth's yellow sun? Could it be the result of... bat repellant? I know, I know, repellant is actually spelled "repellEnt". But a lot of internet users don't know that, and amazingly, more than a few find my glorious wildlife blog by misspelling. Spelling is overated.

Okay then, I'll answer the question: no, these bats were not chased out by any kind of magic bat repellent or bat deterrant, I mean, deterrent. This was a very rare case, and one of the few I've ever seen in which bats have deliberately exposed themselves during daylight hours. I was very surprised to see this, but my theory is that the roof actually overheated. I arrived at this house in the early afternoon, when the tiles would have heated to their utmost, and these were in fact flat black tiles - hot enough to turn a flapjack golden-brown. So the bats probably had to move toward the edges of the tile to escape the insufferable heat. I doubt this was a simple case of overcrowding, because the roof was huge, and the bats could've simply gone further back into the roof. Since they did not, I'll assume it was the temperature that drove them to the edge. So there you have it. I've discovered a perfectly effective bat repellant - 200 degree temperatures. So if you've got bats in your home, just crank up that thermostat, and all of your problems will be solved.

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Ultrasonic bat repellent device - There are many different items on the market used to repel bats. Most of the items, if not all, are ineffective for bat control and only succeed in taking your money and giving it to a mindless corporation. The ultrasonic bat device is one of the most popular repellents on the market. People assume that because bats use echolocation, they are susceptible to ultrasonic sounds. The first flaw with this theory is that you will never know if your device is working because you can’t hear the noise it supposedly makes. If it does really generate an ultrasonic sound, why does it stand to reason that an ultrasonic sound would be unpleasant? Just because we can’t hear it doesn’t mean it’s a bad noise or one that bats can’t tolerate. Have you ever witnessed a sound scattering all animals of a particular species away? There are some sounds that specific animals might not care for. Certain dogs shy away if you pull out the vacuum cleaner, but this is not across the board, nor does it have much to do with the pitch of the sound itself. Ultrasonic emitters are not worth the money to test them. If you have a bat problem, your best course of action is to call in a professional.

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There are many things that people spend their hard-earned money on simply because they have convinced themselves that it is effective. It would appear as if bat repellent is one of those things. Certainly, it is far from fun to know that bats are living in your building. Whether it be your wall, roof, or attic, these winged visitors can cause a variety of problems. One of the worst things that you will experience from having a home colonized with bats is bat guano. This is when bat poop has piled up and has become a solid mass.

Outside of the issue of bat guano, which can be hazardous to your health and terrible to your nostrils, bats can continue to multiply on your property causing even greater discomfort and increased health risks. No one wants to deal with cleaning bat droppings or the removal of dead bats. As a result of this, some individuals have opted to use bat repellents.

The unfortunate thing about this decision is that bat repellents do not seem to work for the most part. While there are a ton of different items on the market that are promising homeowners and pest control experts bat repelling results, the most popular of them all is the ultrasonic bat device. The assumption that this device will be effective is because of the fact that bats use echolocation. Echolocation simply means that bats use sounds waves and echoes as a guide when they are moving through spaces.

While the ultrasonic bat device is being touted as the king of bat repellents, many wildlife control experts are suggesting that it does not work at all. There are other options on the market that perhaps you could consult with an expert to get advice on the actual effectiveness of these products.

It is always the best approach to enlist the help of wildlife control professionals to manage the colonization of bats and to help rid your home of their presence. While you tackle the colonization of bats on your property, it helps to keep in mind that bats are actually helpful.

Bats Can Be Useful

While you may not open your arms and welcome bats, they are actually good for something. The University of Kentucky has confirmed that each bat can eat up to 600 mosquitos daily. This could help to greatly reduce the population of mosquitos in your area. In addition to eating up all the mosquitos and other pests in and around your property, bats are helpful to the process of pollination and seed distribution of fruits. This includes fruits like figs, agave, mango, bananas, and many more. This proves that bats are actually good for something.

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