Snake Removal at Carrot Top's House

Carrot Top


04.20.2006 - This was actually my second time to this customer's house in Winter Park, part of Orlando FL. Both times his assistant and himself referred to him as Scott, but I recognized him as the prop comedian who goes by the name Carrot Top. I guess he's kind of hard to miss, and the walls of his house are adorned with various Carrot Top propaganda. My first call to his home came because he had a terrible odor in his house. I knew that it was a dead squirrel. His house was large with a very complex architecture, and the area of the attic above the room with the strongest odor was inaccessible. It was earlier in my career, before I had become the best dead animal extractor on the planet, and it was one of the very few, and by that I mean single other (I've only had two) failures in my life. I'll never fail to find a dead animal again. Anyway, in his case, I could not get to the area in the vaulted cathedral ceiling, and didn't have ladder high enough to sniff every square inch of space - which is the only real way to find it in such circumstances, and I left the house defeated and with none of that comedy money in my pocket.

This day, however, would be different. He called about a snake on his property. The property is large and filled with debris, but this time I would not fail. I searched and searched, and finally found it under his wooden boardwalk by the lake. As usual, the customer thought that it was a venomous snake, and in this case, the appearance was actually close to the dangerous cottonmouth. However, it was in fact a non-venomous Brown Water Snake. All aquatic snakes are heavy-bodied like the cottonmouth, and often do look similar. This was a nice specimen. It was also very aggressive, striking at every opportunity. However, if bitten, I'd have only suffered some small puncture wounds and maybe some extra bleeding due to anticoagulants in the snake's saliva. Carrot Top was not keen on getting close to the snake, but did manage this one photograph. He's been hitting the gym quite a bit lately, but his bulky muscles offered no protection against the natural fear of snakes that he, like many people, had. I bagged the snake, collected my precious money, and drove off to relocate the snake far away. Although snakes are feared by many people, from skinny poor accountants with dark buzz-cut hair and the opposite sort of fellow, the truth is that snakes are an important part of the ecosystem, and though they should be treated with respect, they should not be feared or persecuted. And that's no laughing matter.

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Nothing can be as creepy as walking in your home and unexpectedly coming across a snake lying in a corner. It doesn't matter if the snake is small or big, venomous or non-venomous, your first line of action will be how to get rid of it and keep your home safe.

Did you find a snake in your home and you don't know how to get it out? Right here, we will be taking you through how to carefully handle the situation when you have a snake problem in your home. With the methods of snake removal that we will be sharing, you will be able to remove snakes from your home without the fear of it biting you. But before we proceed, you need to know how to identify a snake. This will help you know the right way to remove it from your home.

How to identify a snake
Generally, people react to snakes because they feel they are lethal, and this state of being scared usually makes them act irrationally. If you are to remove a snake, you need to be in the right state of mind. In other to achieve this, you need to have a clear picture of what you are dealing with. This is why you need to identify the snake in your home before trying to remove it.

There are different types of snakes, those that are venomous and those that aren't. Unknown to many homeowners, most of the snakes you will come across in urban and suburban areas are non-venomous.

Snakes are very easy to identify, each specie usually has its distinctive characteristics such as skin color, size, and body pattern. To identify them, all you have to do is visit a wildlife website and look for a snake that matches the description of the stray snake in your home.

Snake Removal Methods
In most cases, snakes that do find their way inside people's homes are usually those that are relatively small in sizes because their main point of entry is through cracks and small holes. If the snake is small in size, the simplest way to remove it from your home is to throw a blanket, towel, or any clothing material on it. By doing that, you will be restricting the vision of the snake. After doing that, you can then go ahead and scoop it into a basket for removal.

Another way to remove a snake from your house is to use a funnel trap. Although, they are not very reliable when it comes to trapping snakes when compared with glue pads. Glue pads are very efficient in trapping snakes. All you have to do is place the trap near the snake, especially where it is likely to slither. To release the snake, pour vegetable oil on it and it will be free to go.

If after identifying the snake you realize it is venomous, the safest thing you can do is to hire a professional to remove the snake and stay as far as possible away from it.

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