Christmas Squirrel - Ben Saves the Day


12.25.2006 -
'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house. 
A creature was stirring, a rat squirrel or mouse. 
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, but unfortunately of people the apartment was bare.  The squirrels were all nestled all safe in their beds, while visions of peanuts danced in their heads.
Alas one poor squirrel did not make a peep, because it was stuck in a permanent sleep. 
Thus from the walls arose such an odor, that Ben jumped in his truck and turned on the motor. 
The stench in the house from the walls that arose, gave the luster of landfills upon his poor nose. 
He was wildlife trapper dressed in such dirty fashion, I knew in a moment he must be Ben Cassan. 
He was dressed all in khaki, from his head to his foot, & his clothes were all tarnished with ashes & soot;
A bundle of tools he had flung on his back, and he looked like a hobo just opening his pack.
His eyes -- how they twinkled! his dimples how merry!
The cheeks that showed through the back of his pants were hairy!
He said not a word and went straight to his work, trying to find where that rotting smell lurked.
He laid a finger alongside of his nose, and giving a nod, the dead squirrel was exposed.
He threw it in his bag and then gave a whistle, took out a pack of ropes and smoke like a missile.
 But I heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight,
"I've got a Christmas meal now, Popeye's is closed tonight!"

Yes, we work 24/7/365. We specialize in nuisance wildlife control - this is the field of removing unwanted wildlife from homes and property, and solving conflicts between people and wild animals. From home inspections to preventative repairs, wildlife trapping, attic cleanups and more, we solve critter problems with professional expertise. Call me, David, or click on the below link to find any one of hundreds of wildlife trappers in every city and town in the US. Not all of them work on Christmas day like we do, but Ben was happy to save Christmas.

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During Christmas, New Year's Eve, or Thanksgiving, the scurrying and scampering squirrels in the attic can feel irritating and intolerable. Your guests might start asking and all you have to tell is funny squirrel stories. But, you might be clueless about how to get them out of the attic—trap them and kill.

There are multiple ways to remove squirrels in a humane manner without hurting the little shelter-sharing buddy. And, surprisingly humane squirrel removal and wildlife animal removal teams are always available 24/7 no matter the time and event!

Here's what you can do about squeaking squirrels:

Identify the Wild Animal:

Squirrels have a definitive sound to notify of their arrival above the ceiling in the attic. In general, squirrels seek warm places and food storing spaces and attics serve their needs best. These critters enter through broken windows, crevices, vents, and chimneys. They can cause tremendous damage to the property. They can wreak havoc in your life by chewing on PVC pipes and electric wires. Try Squirrel Removal Techniques: Squirrel repellents include a strong, pungent smell in the attic or noisy, loud radio being played in their hiding place. Soak a cloth in ammonia solution and the pungent smell will drive the squirrels away. You can use predator's urine, squirrel repellents, and other preventative measures if there are many squirrels around the area. Use Preventative Measures: The best way to keep squirrels off your property is to avoid painting your home in bright colors as it's attractive to squirrels. Moreover, seal all the crevices and chimneys effectively to prevent their entry. Squirrel Traps: There are two kinds of traps: lethal and non-lethal traps. Trapping the squirrels humanely and relocating them is the best possible solution, but this is quite tricky as squirrels never go near the traps. You can close all entryways and leave one out for the squirrel to go out for food where the trap can be placed to catch the scurrying pest. Poisoning or killing them via lethal traps is the most inhumane approach and is illegal in many states. The best possible method of squirrel removal is to call for professional help. How Does Professional Squirrel Removal Work? When it comes to trapping or removing squirrels, let the professionals do the job. They love it and are great at it. Hiring expert wildlife removers benefits you by bringing in tons of expert tips and saves you time and energy. The professional critter removers will also identify the entryways and seal them properly. And, most of all, they trap squirrels and other annoying pests in the most humane way possible and relocate them the best way possible. When Should You Look for Squirrel Removal Services? When you hear scurrying sounds in the attic, walls, or ceiling or notice droppings in the attic or have seen aggressive squirrel behavior moving around the house, it shows squirrels are moving in with you for the winter. Hiring a professional humane wildlife control company keeps the squirrel removal ethical and ensures permanent removal. Plus, be it Christmas, Thanksgiving, or any day of the year, wildlife removal experts are always ready to hunt the critters down. Most importantly, the pest control teams are aware of the intricacies of the laws of each state and perform wildlife removal tasks in the most humane and safest way without harming the animal.

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