Dead Animal Under a House


03.10.2006 - It was a dark and stormy night, except for the sunshine and gentle breeze. I fixed my steely eyes on the mysterious and foreboding abode that lay before me, knowing what I had to do, but not quite ready to do it. Then I put on my blue suit and mask and head lamp, and I was in fact quite ready. I found the secret portal to the labyrinth below the forbidden fortress, and said the secret password: "Open". The password didn't work, so I used my hands instead of my larynx and removed the crawlspace door. I took a deep breath and started to crawl inside. But I had to let out the deep breath so that I could fit through the small hole. I peered around through the murky depths, wondering where the treasure might lie. With grit and determination and a garbage bag in hand, I worked my way to the core of the dark abyss. I battled the mighty water pipe and defeated the discarded beer bottle. Then suddenly I came upon that which I sought - the glorious treasure - the opossum carcass that would guarantee me a $129 service fee. I thought it would be easy pickings, but I wasn't expecting the booby trap - an infantry of fleas and maggots 1000 strong. After a mighty battle that I don't feel like writing about, the treasure was mine. I made my way out of the dank hellhole, which I can only assume was crumbling and self-destructing in a massive inferno just behind me as I crawled out, and emerged triumphantly with my prize - a dead opossum in the shape of a flapjack. A delicious, juicy, furry flapjack. It had been another amazing adventure, fraught with peril, but rich with reward. Stay tuned for next week's adventure, when I brave the dizzying heights of Everest in search of the wild Yeti - aka squirrel on a roof.

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Removal of dead critters gets challenging as you have to get your hands dirty and bear the stinky stench. The task of removing the nuisance animal that died under your elevated house is even more challenging. But, it's very important to remove the carcass at its earliest stage to prevent the endlessly foul smell filling the house. Moreover, the dead animal is food for insects and flies that can spread diseases if you get near them. If you don't wish to deal with the dirty task, dead animal removal companies can always be at your service.

How Do Animals Die Under the House?

Commonly, animals such as raccoons, rats, moles, and birds die under the house. A few reasons for dying pests under the house are:

  • Placing pest repellents or traps under the house
  • Dying animals find shelter when they are suffering
  • Your pet brought them in and left it under the house

How to Remove Dead Animals?

If you have decided to remove the animal yourself, Here's a simple breakdown on what you can do about it: Wear your protective gear to prevent the spread of disease and do the entire cleaning process hygienically. Locate the animal carcass which is quite tricky when you are not a professional. Use your smelling instincts and follow the unbearable stench. You can find flies and maggots near the carcass. Double bag it in garbage bags for proper disposal (according to your state rules) or dig a deep hole in your backyard to bury the dead animal. Remove the maggots feeding on it and juices oozing out in the garbage bags. Disinfect the place with enzyme-based cleaners and remove the scent by proper ventilation and deodorizers. Inspect the house thoroughly to seal the crevices and chimney to block all entryways. Check for any damages such as chewed up electric wires and repair them. Frequently visit and check the abandoned places for nuisance visitors and get rid of them as soon as possible.

How Do Professionals Remove Dead Animals?

Using an expert wildlife control service is the best way to avoid disease spread and infection. Moreover, they serve you by deodorizing the place and sealing the entryways professionally. The professionals quickly look for clues to understand what kind of animal had been living under the house. Being experienced, they can immediately identify it. Then, they analyze the buildings for access points such as crevices. Once they narrow down the exact animal's location, they reach for it and remove it. Professionals always triple bag it and wipe the whole area. They use enzyme cleaners to decontaminate the place. Afterward, the area is ventilated to reduce the odor. Last of all, all the entryways are blocked perfectly to prevent critter nuisance problems once and for all. Be the pesky animal under the house, inside the wall, or anywhere, wildlife control professionals enjoy challenges. They remove the animal without causing any damage. They also do repairs if the animal is found buried below the broken floorboard. In fact, wildlife control professionals can save you time and energy by removing, deodorizing, cleaning, repairing, and sealing the entire house.

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