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Dead Raccoon Carcass Removal

07.08.2003 - This is a very simple dead animal removal. In fact, one might think that this is a very common sort of dead animal removal job. However, this was actually pretty rare. It's not very often that I arrive at a house with a dead animal that is simply lying outside. Most of the time I'm called because a homeowner smells a terrible stench somewhere inside the house, and it's my job to find and remove it. Removing the animal is always the easy part - the finding is usually the tricky part. I suppose that most of the time, if an animal is simply lyinggvb dead outside that the homeowner deals with it by him/herself, perhaps by burying it. But from time to time, I'm called out to remove it and dispose of the carcass.

The other thing that made this job rare is that I normally deal with dead rats and opossums and even cats. I never have to remove dead armadillos, and I'm rarely called to remove dead raccoons. It's possible that this is because raccoons don't breed as quickly as rats or possums, and they live longer lives, so there's simply fewer dead carcasses. But more than that, rats and opossums seem to choose to die inside houses if they die a natural death. Raccoons don't. I don't know where raccoons go to die, but it's rarely on human property. However, in this exceptional case, the raccoon just up and died right here on the ground, where I came and gave a blessing and a prayer and gently wrapped it in a plastic bag and cremated it and spread the ashes across the seven seas and continents. Then I looked over the mountains and waters and thought about the fleeting nature of life, and called my mom.

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