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Dead Rat In the Attic - Remove Dead Rodent in Attic

05.03.2007 - This is a fairly common job: the dead rat in the attic. Rats are probably the most common animal to invade human dwellings (aside from humans, that is), and they have short life spans and often live in high numbers and are persecuted with poisons and so on and so forth, and so they die inside buildings quite often. Since they tend to live in attics, they also tend to die in attics. Thus, the most common dead animal removal job I have is the dead rat in the attic.

I don't always know if it's a dead rat when I'm called to the scene, but once inside the building, I can definitely smell a rat. Rats tend to have a more foul-flavored stench than other dead animals, but because of their smaller size, it's a weaker overall scent. The truth is that the dead rat can be anywhere - from in a wall to under the bathtub or in your shoe.

But the first thing I do, after I get a sense of the the area of the house where the animal smell is strongest, is to go into the attic. Most of the time the rat will have burrowed under the insulation and died there, and it's a royal pain in the ass to find. However, every now and then a light shines from the heavens and down upon a wonderful rat just sitting on the surface. All I have to do is go pick it up. In this case it was a bit of a reach, but no big deal. I removed it and bagged it and sprayed the area with BioShield, and the smell went away.

After I remove the dead rat, it's usually a good idea to conduct general rat control on the house. This means that I do a full inspection in order to find out how the rat got into the house in the first place, and then I seal off all of the entry holes. I trap and remove any and all existing live rats, and if necessary, clean the and disinfect the attic, which may be full of rat droppings.

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