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Mole Trapping

02.09.2004 - If you have a problem with moles destroying your yard, there is only one way to get rid of the problem - with mole traps.  There is absolutely no effective mole poison, repellent, deterrent, or any device to easily get rid of them.  Except for a trap.  Just set the mole trap on the surface mole tunnels, trap and remove the mole or two in your yard, and you'll have digging no longer.

Unfortunately, mole trapping is not easy.  The traps are not very user friendly.  There are several types of mole traps, from harpoon to scissor (shown above) to underground clamp traps, but all of them are very finicky and require a great deal of experience to set right.  They have to be set in just the right areas in just the right ways, or they won't work.

Moles create a whole network of underground tunnels.  Traps can only be effectively set on the surface tunnels.  Of these surface tunnels, there are winding feeder tunnels that might have only been used one time, never to hold a mole again, and straighter travel tunnels that the moles use more frequently.  You want to set traps on these multi-use travel tunnels.  These tunnels are often straight, and often line up against edges, such as the side of a home or sidewalk.  If in doubt, stamp down a few of the tunnels and see which ones get pushed up again.  The ones that are re-raised are the tunnels you want to trap on.

The traps must be set just right - just the right direction, depth, and sensitivity, right on the tunnels.  And be sure that there's no nosey dogs or cats or children nearby, because these lethal traps can cause injury.

The fact of the matter is that mole trapping is not easy.  It takes a lot of practice and a knowledgeable eye to get right.  If you have a problem with moles in your yard, and you want to take care of it, you're actually best off hiring a professional.

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