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Mole Capture & Removal

04.22.2003 - Moles are a common nuisance animal throughout the country. The primary objection that homeowners have to this little creature is that they make a mess of lawns. They live underground, where they are extremely active, tunneling through soil and eating about half their body weight each day in earthworms and grubs and such. They dig deep tunnels, which aren't noticed, but they also dig surface tunnels for both feeding and movement, and these tunnels create ridges all over a lawn. In addition, moles often dig deep chambers in which to live or nest, and they often push mounds of dirt up and out of the ground. If a homeowner is concerned about nice landscaping and a neat lawn, and many people are, they do not care for moles making a mess of the place. Granted, some of these people make mountains out of molehills, but in some other cases, moles can really cause a lot of lawn damage, and thus customers request that I trap and remove moles.

Mole trapping can be tricky. First of all, there's no live trap for moles. You can't just set a cage and bait it like you can for other animals. Moles live underground, and the only traps that catch them are lethal traps, such as the spear trap or the scissors trap. There's also no effective mole poison, because moles only eat live earthworms and invertebrates, and they don't eat seeds or nuts or any inanimate food that one could poison. Finally, there's no effective mole repellent. Some people try spraying the lawn with castor oil, and I've even tried this myself, but it doesn't work. Only physical mole capture will actually do the trick and get rid of the mole problem for good.

In the above photo I'm seen holding an Eastern Mole, which I caught at a customer's house. You can see the phone number on my truck behind me. Call this number if you want moles trapped in Orlando Florida.

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