Professional Pigeon Project in Orlando


02.19.2004 - This gift store in Orlando, on International Drive, had a pigeon problem. The pigeons were roosting on the steel beams that held up the decorative (not functional) Space Shuttle. This of course means that they pooped all over the ground below this area, right near the front door. Thus, all of the customers who entered the store had to walk through pigeon poop to do it. Patronage was dropping. Sales of gifts were dropping. Profits were dropping. All because pigeon droppings were dropping. So, the owners called me and asked if I could make the pigeons go away. I said that I could.

This was my first major pigeon job. The plan was to cover all of the steel beams with bird spikes to prevent the birds from roosting there. I quoted it at $450, and the store managers accepted the bid. I did all of the measurements and bought the necessary linear footage of steel bird spikes. The materials cost was $350. I performed the work in one day. I used a 40' ladder to access all of the beams behind the shuttle. The job was very challenging. I had to reposition the very heavy ladder dozens of times and at some difficult and dangerous angles in order to get to all of the steel beams. I carefully cut the needle strips to the proper lengths and affixed them to the beams with a very powerful bonding glue and steel ties. I covered all of the beams and the "Gift Store" sign below the shuttle. It was a difficult and dangerous job, but I did great work. The pigeons were no longer able to roost on the beams, and I solved the problem.

11.19.2006 UPDATE: The owners never paid me for this job. This remains my only commercial job to date for which I was not paid. I lost the money that I spent on supplies, but also a day of very hard work, when I could have done other jobs. I described this job to other bird and pigeon control experts, and they said, on average, that the project should have been priced closer to $5000, not $450. Still, I was never paid by the greedy owners of:

The World's Largest Gift Shop
6328 International Dr.
Orlando FL 32819
407 352 9695

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The pigeons in Orlando create a problem for almost everyone in the city. The pigeons live and nest in residential or commercial buildings and deface the structures, tamper with piping and electrical systems, and are sources of a wide range of diseases. They also litter the environment with their feces and stain car windows, glass panes, and ruin the entire look of the city.

Pigeons are notorious for roosting in areas like the steel beams that hold up the decorative space shuttle in the Orlando International Drive gift store. These areas are the tourist sites of Orlando, and pigeons are not part of the tourist attraction. The customers and tourists most times have to walk through the pigeon feces to get to the store and purchase what they want, and this discouraged the tourists, which led to losses from drop-in gift sales, and decreased profits. The loss does not just affect one store or shop or business center. It affects a wide range of stores and reduces the overall output and wealth of the state.

The question is now what the city can do to keep the pigeon population in check in Orlando or altogether remove pigeons and bring the city's fortune back.

The truth is that it is more challenging to control pigeons because it is a general problem, and they have found homes in almost every structure in the city. Their eradication or relocation will be practically impossible because pigeons can travel for about 1000 miles to go back home. That makes the situation of the pigeon infestation look hopeless, but the truth is that although pigeons are the top bird pests in the USA, Orlando can still be free of these birds.

  • Professional wildlife removal companies can remove pigeons and offer services including:
  • Pigeon Removal
  • Pigeon Exclusion
Professional advice on how to prevent pigeons from making their homes on your roof

Pigeons usually live in the roof above stores, commercial, and residential buildings. The professionals evict them by sealing all their entry and exit points and creating one exit point that they cannot use for entry. This plan is handy because the pigeons must leave the nest to feed, and once they leave the roof, they cannot return. And so in about a week, all the pigeons will have gotten out of the roof. Professionals can also use trap cages for pigeon removal. This is more time consuming when you compare it to the first method, but it is more effective, and the professionals also get to relocate or dispose of the pigeons humanely.

The professionals also introduce spikes to your structures and put them on the common sites where pigeons perch like on ledges and rooftops. That prevents the pigeons from perching and nesting on your roof or windows and defacing your structures. They also seal all the points through which pigeons enter into your roof and home. The professionals do their jobs excellently, and although you must pay them for their services, you will get your money's worth.

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