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017.12.2006 - Below is a series of emails from a man in Chicago who had a raccoon problem. Some friends of mine in that area were able to help him with his raccoon problem. Alas, I was not able to accommodate him with his romantic needs.

Dude, your site is awesome and helped me SO MUCH. I just did get rid of a raccoon in an attic above my kitchen. We used a live trap and some tuna and caught it and then took it over 10 miles away and released it into the forest preserve. I am in the process of looking for a company to go up in there now and remove all the insulation and shit that this thing left up there. I was considering putting on a mask, gloves and going up there and doing it myself, but after reading your site I'm thinking maybe I should let professionals do it. YOU HAVE BALLS man. lol Some of your pics are freaken cool. I wouldn't be getting anywhere near some of the animals and creatures you are holding. LOL If I hadn't caught the thing myself, I would have flown you up to Chicago to get it for me dude. I think we actually got her JUST BEFORE she was going to have her babies, so I'm happy about that. I got my insurance check and now i have to start all the clean up and repairs. What a pain in the ass. Anyway, just wanted to say, VERY cool site. It helped me a lot and I wish you the best in your business. Looks like you do a great job bud. Very cool. By the way, you're a HOT GUY also!! :)
Later man,
David (same name) lol
Thanks for the email.  You should have checked to see if the raccoon had lactating nipples, that will tell you if she's got young in the attic.  Be sure to listen for them now, just in case.  You don't want baby raccoons in the attic to starve and die.  You can find a local trapper to help you by following the links on my site to Chicago.   In your area the number is 708.512.7717
Good luck,
Hey there, Yeah, I know. I have been listening and listening VERY closely every night. Trying to hear if there is any sign of babies in there. Nothing so far in the week since we captured the mother. Dude, I was looking at all your pics and reading all the stories about the jobs you have done. I was LAUGHING MY ASS off reading about you trying to capture the armadillo by hand!! LOL Also, got a little pissed reading about how that store stiffed you payment for the job you did for them. Did they EVER end up paying you? I'll have to call those bastards and give them a piece of my mind. I see you went to ND. I live about an hour and a half from there on the South Side of Chicago. Anyway, I really have learned a lot reading your web site. I think you probably give people TOO MUCH info on how to catch and get rid of pests. You may actually be showing them all your secrets and then they don't have to hire you. LOL But you look like you are VERY good at what you do, and to be honest, even having the knowledge of how to do what you do, I wouldn't have the guts in most cases!! LOL Anyway, I did contact one of the companies you suggested in my area for the clean up. After reading everything, I decided not to try to get up there and clean it out myself. Thanks for the response bud. Have a good one.

Thanks again for the kind words about my website.  No I never got paid by the gift store owner, oh well.  As for the attic cleanup, if you want, you can hire my friends in Chicago, Dan and Ben.  They are also Notre Dame fans. They will do a great job, and their phone number is 708.512.7717.
Those are actually the guys that I have coming out Monday night to give me a quote for the cleanup. I got their number from your web site. My Insurance company said they would give me some recommendations for companies to do the cleanup, but I haven't gotten them from them yet, so just decided to take matters in my own hands and was searching online today when I found your site. In my case, I want ALL of the insulation above my kitchen removed, and the place decontaminated before we put new insulation back in. We have rolled insulation, not blown in, so should be a little easier, but still a messy job. Like I said, I was considering pocketing the insurance money and doing it myself, but I really don't know if I want to do that now. We'll see what price your buds give me on Monday. Thanks man
Hey dude. I used your buddies up here in the Chicago south burbs. They cleaned out my attic and sprayed in the decontaminate stuff. They did a good job, and a few days later I did the blow in Insulation myself, and everything has been repaired. My attic is like Fort Knox now. lol Thanks again for your help. The information on your site was VERY helpful. So I went through your FAQ page of questions that you normally get asked. EX. "do you ever get bitten", "do you use poisen", "are you insured" "aren't you too young"? ALL OF THOSE. So has anyone ever asked you if you are married? LOL

I'm glad my friends did a good job. Thanks for all the flattery in your emails. I'm not married. I currently live with my girlfriend. Glad your attic is back in shape and that you liked my sites.
Lol, David

Ahhhh, you live with your girlfriend? DAMN IT TO HELL! ha ha ha ha. Just kidding bro. I knew it was too much to expect that you played on my team! ha ha, Anyway, I'll leave you alone man. I'm not a stalker or anything. Just really got a big kick out of your site and comments and you seem to have a great personality besides being a hot dude, so all in good fun bro. Later, David
Sorry to disappoint, but thanks again for the compliments. Though I am disappointed that your last email didn't have any LOLs. Peace, David
Holy shit... you're rippin on me!

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So you want to get rid of the raccoons around your house? I don't blame you. These omnivores are the champions of destruction, costing you repair bills ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars. They dig up lawns, scavenge through your trash bins, and should they get into your house, they will destroy just about anything in their path. So how do we catch these raccoons and put an end to their menace?

Tidy up:
The first step to capture the raccoons that frequent your home is to tidy up your house and your immediate environment. Secure your trash tightly, pick up all the remnants from your pet's food, trim and dispose of your shrubs, weeds, and so on. This step is important if the raccoons already visit your house, as you will need to make sure that the only meals they can find on your property are the baits you set for them.

Raccoons love to eat. They can travel up to 3km from their den, scavenging for food. If you are going to ever capture a raccoon, you will need to do so with a bait. Foods like crisp bacon, chicken, corn, fish, and fresh vegetables lure them effectively, therefore serving as the perfect bait.

There are different kinds of traps to capture raccoons and they have different ways of doing so. Most traps serve as live cages to keep them fully locked in, while some latch on to a part of their body, causing injuries, and a few traps have the purpose of killing them. However, if you are going to capture a raccoon, make sure it is done in accordance with your state laws, and that you have the necessary license or permit to do so. In catching raccoons, there are certain things you need to know.

Keep your trap close to their den.
This could be your attic, chimney, or underneath the house. Locate where they stay or usually hang about, and place your trap there.

Use multiple traps.
If you are going to catch a raccoon, one trap will not be sufficient. Place the different traps in different areas where you have observed raccoon activity.

Set traps at night.
Raccoons are nocturnal animals and spend their nights looking for food. You will have greater success in catching them at night, than in daylight.

Secure your cage.
Raccoons are the size of small dogs and can tilt, carry, or flip the cages. To ensure they cannot move the cage, you will need to wedge it with bricks or tightly tie it.

Don't put your bait close to the edges.
Your bait should be kept where the raccoon can't pick it from outside but has to fully enter the cage to get it. The bait should also be firmly secured so that it is difficult for the raccoon to quickly pry it loose and escape.

Build their trust.
Raccoons are intelligent animals with an excellent memory. They can identify traps and teach their cubs to avoid them. That is why you need to build their trust. When you set up your trap, prevent the door from trapping them in. After they have successfully taken baits from your trap for days without being caught, they become careless and can be easily caught.

Wear gloves.
Raccoons can perceive human scent on cages, which makes them wary. So you need to wear gloves when touching the cages, to mask your scent.

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