Raccoon Face Photograph

02.27.2007 - This is a photograph that I managed to take close-up of a raccoon. It was hiding in a duct, and I was able to get my camera very close. I caught this critter, so I know it was a female. But with raccoons, I can always tell anyway. Male raccoons have a different appearance than females. The differences are subtle, but it's easy to tell, just like it's easy to tell with people. Female raccoons simply look more feminine, or even prettier, if you will.  If you spent as much time looking at raccoons as I do, you'd start to notice the difference as well.  That's about all I have to say on that matter, so I will now paste in a few various emails that I've received recently regarding raccoon problems.  Enjoy!

Hey David, I live on a canal in Miami Dade. I have a pond in the back yard with koi fish. A few days ago, I'm almost positive a or a couple of raccoons went in my pond and destroyed my plants and ate a few kois. The next day I put a havahart trap but no raccoons were caught. Do they come every couple days? I would think since they got my fish they would come every night if they are there for the taking. Also, what do I put in the trap as bait? I hear cat food, bananas, apples, marshmallows. Once I catch one do I stop or keep putting the trap? Please advise and thanks.
I see your site and it tells me that everything i have heard will not work and i have a raccoon in my attic that is starting to rip up the wood in my cabniet above my refrigirater. i have called everyone around here that i can think of and everyone tells me its moth balls that will get them out or have to kill them and since that is illegal i have no clue what to do now and i no you are in flordia so its hard for you to help us but is there anything that you could tell me to help me out i have thought about getting the trap but how do i get it outside to get in the trap. i think its only one but it may have a baby i am really stuck here and would really appriciate a response to help me any hints that i could do or if its best to just wait it out till spring i have heard because its winter that is why all of a sudden it is there we have a small hole in the roof that we think is where it is getting in but we sat outside for 6 hours trying to find out where it is coming from and the darn thing is not coming out help please i would really appriciate it
I enjoyed your website, and wish you were able to service Austin Texas. As I sit here researching my squirrel issue, I can hear them waking up above my head. I have the triple wammy of several types of animals in my attic. I have rats, squirrels, and probably a big raccoon (because there are large cat like poops near the hole they ripped into our attic. I have employed a professional to set traps for the rats, and to relocate the raccoon. The plan for the squirrels is to relocate the raccoons first, then find a time when I don’t hear them, and then close the hole. I am sad that we have had to relocate a young opossum and raccoon so far, as we wait to catch the big raccoon. I wish we didn’t need to bother them. I also wish that the service I’m using had those cool repeater/exit traps for squirrels. Those look very effective. We spent a lot of money replacing the attic insulation, and sealing up our house, only to have them find a new way in. I am going to survey my house each week from now on, to avoid this complicated problem. Thanks again for sharing info on your important work. Sincerely, Raika

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