Snake Sack - Bag for Snakes

snake sack

07.11.2003 - Here I am, catching and removing a snake from a Florida property. There are many ways to catch snakes, from snake hooks, to tong (such as seen above), or by trap or by hand. But no matter how you catch it, you then need to transport it, so that you can take it away from the property, keep it safe, and then relocate it without harm. The best way to transport snakes is in a snake sack, also called a snake bag. A bag holds the snake comfortably, and keeps it from squirming around. With no flat or hard surfaces, the snake really can't push off and gain any leverage. A bag is definitely the easiest way to hold a snake. What if you tried to use a box? Then the snake would bump all around inside the box, possibly injuring itself. However, the worst part would be when you open the lid - the snake might just pop right out of the box. With a bag, you don't have that problem. Plus, if a snake were in a box, it might be difficult or dangerous to grab. No so with a snake sack. Inside a sack, you can kind of pin down the snake, or hold it, from the outside of the bag, and even feel for the head, and then safely reach in with your other hand in order to remove the snake. Or you can just turn the bag upside-down and let the snake drop out!

There are only two main problems with snake bags. The primary one is that it can be difficult to get the snake into the bag if you're using a tool, such as seen above. Luckily, snake handling stores sell bags on poles with open ends. I do not yet have such a bag, but I will get one very soon, as it is both safer and easier. The second problem with a snake bag is that it's possible that a heat-sensing pit-viper could still strike you through the bag. But this would be extremely rare, the snake would have trouble moving, and any shred of careful common sense when handling a venomous snake would prevent this.

So where can you get a snake sack of your own? Do you need to spend $39.95 at your local reptile handling store? Not at all. If you'll look closely at the above snake bag, you'll see that it bears remnants of a good night's sleep when it was draped around a pillow. I wrote: "WARNING: LIVE SNAKE" on the bottom of the bag. Now that a few snakes have emitted smelly snake musk in the bag, I won't use it again to sleep on. I shall only use my Rainbow Bright pillow case.

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