Can Squirrels Climb & Chew Through Bricks?

12.18.2013 - People often ask me if squirrels can climb a vertical brick wall. The answer to that question is easy - of course! They can do it blindfolded, both facing upward and downward. Heck, and old crippled squirrel can easily climb a brick wall - no different than a tree, really. Second, people ask me if squirrels can chew through a brick wall. The answer there is not as simple. If it's a solid brick wall, then of course not. But if there is a compromised area, like a small hole, some deterioration, etc, then a squirrel actually can chew through a bit of mortar in order to gain access to the building.

I often get phone calls about squirrels in many parts of the home - in the attic, on the ceilings between floors, in the eaves, or even in the walls. Squirrels can enter buildings in many different ways. Sometimes they chew their way in, and sometimes they simply enter through an existing hole. In order to solve a problem with a squirrel in a building, you first have to find out how they are getting in!

It's important to examine the whole house, and not miss a spot. The squirrel hole is not always on or near the roof, and not always in an area of wood. In the case of the above photo, there were some holes near these power lines, right on the brick wall, where one might not expect a squirrel to enter. Super easy squirrel entry, right into the wall! My friend Kris was able to capture this photo of a squirrel actually inside the hole!

This is an easy type of job to solve. Just install a one-way exclusion door right on this hole - after sealing off the other hole, and all the other holes in the building first, of course.

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Cutomer emails about squirrels getting in through brick walls:

Help! So glad to be able to write to you to get your suggestion to my dilemma. I have a rental home that the squirrels are taking over. It is a brick home with they have all of the possibilities to get in the house that any lovely squirrel would love to have! haha They climb the trees and jump onto the roof, and they climb the brick and enter whenever and where ever they chose to chew a hole in the fascia, or even though the bricks. We have repaired the holes, but as soon as we are done repairing one hole, 2 more emerge. I have got to get these little critters out of there and away from the house...or we will have a squirrel zoo! what do I do? I appreciate your time and expertise! I look forward to hearing from you. Make it a Great Day!

I recently bought a beautiful brick cape in a suburb of Buffalo NY. This is my first spring here. I do not have an attic, but there is something in the ceiling of the upstairs bedroom. I have had 2 wildlife and squirrel removal companies check things out and they both say I do not have squirrels because there is no opening for them to get in. (No one has gone onto the roof yet). I did catch a mouse in the kitchen when I saw it run from the dishwasher to under the refrigerator. I also have seen squirrels and have a squirrel hole in my detached garage, right through the brick wall. But not in the house. I now have a contract with a pest company (Orchin) and they say they just don't know. This morning I heard a very rapid patter across my roof going away from the bedroom ceiling the critters are in. Also, the critters are have been active at 10:30 pm, 3:00 am and 6-7 am. They are quiet during the day. Any thoughts? Finally, you mention the illnesses critters can cause. I am immunosuppressed from two transplants so I need to do something. Thanks for any info or suggestions.

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