Squirrel Detail Closeup Photograph

01.01.2006 - This is a closeup photograph of an Eastern Gray Squirrel.  I have it in a cage, and although it's hard to take good closeup pictures of squirrels, because they are so rambunctious and fast, sometimes they will sit still for a period of time and let me take photos.  This is a profile shot of the squirrel's head, with my close camera setting.  I have this photo in much higher detail than I posted here online, if you'd like a copy.  Note how fur covers every surface, even the inside of the ears.  Also, you can see that it has whiskers, like all rodents.  It's also got that trademark rodent overbite, and if I took a photo of the inside of its mouth, you'd see long, orange teeth.  I'll now answer some squirrel emails:

Hello, I am having a squirrel problem in my attic. There must be a small hole somewhere in the roof, but I cannot see it. I live in Rowlett and my property is on the greenbelt that borders Lake Ray Hubbard. I need help in removing the squirrels in my attic. Is it better to fix the roof first or remove the squirrels first? Could you please let me know about your service including cost? Regards, Nancy

Nancy - I apologize, but I do not service your area.  I can give you the name of a good local trapper though.  It's important to remove the squirrels before you fix the roof, or else you might seal some squirrels inside the attic, and that would not be good. - David

Dear Sir, is there any way to keep squirrels from gnawing on our outdoor furniture and garage door molding? They have been extremely destructive. We live in Avondale, PA and would appreciate any advice you may have. Thank you.

Your best bet is to spray the furniture and garage door with Ropel spray, or habanara pepper sauce spray.  These sprays are extremely spicy hot, and will discourage the squirrels from chewing any more,.

For the past month or so, there has been a squirrel in my attic. We have tried everything from cages to month balls to fox urine to try and get rid of it, but nothing seems to be helping. Is there any other suggestions that might help get rid of the squirrel? Thanks, Erica

Erica - Well, as I've stated on my website many times, repellents such as mothballs or predator urine won't make squirrels leave.  Cage traps work great, provided you use the correct type of cage and know where and how to set it.  You will never trap a squirrel if you set the cage trap in the attic, that's for sure.  You might be better off hiring a professional who knows what he's doing.  A one-way exclusion door is often the ticket, and it's important to seal off all the entry points into the home.  It's often not so simple as you might think it is.

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