Barrel Tile Roof - Allows Rodents In Attic

07.18.2005 - Here is a photo demonstration of one of the classic problems with barrel tile roofs, and the reason homes with such roofs have such a high rate of wildlife problems.  Barrel tile roofs lead wide-open holes into the attic!  I have taken two photos of the same area - one as seen from outside, and one of the same area, taken from inside the attic.  You can see that this house has a barrel tile roof - these curvy Spanish-style tiles are very popular in Florida.  And of course the house has soffits, the bottom of which are flat.  With a flat roof, the soffit lies flat.  With a barrel tile roof, you've got a bunch of curved gaps that lead right into the attic!

Look at the second photo.  You can see right outside from inside the attic!  This is a very easy entry point for rats and squirrels.  Add in the proximity of a tree right next to the hole, and you're guaranteed a critter problem.  This particular house had a squirrel problem.  You can see that the squirrels have brought in several nuts.  The attic was full of them!

And the problem is not just these areas.  Many of these tile roofs have open ends at the bottom, around the perimeter of the roof.  Rats and squirrels can enter these areas, and crawl right under the tiles and into the attic, even if the top holes are sealed.  Tricky problem!  Barrel tile roofs can be very difficult to rodent-proof.

Remember, the most important step in a total wildlife control solution is to stop the source of the problem - if you have wild critters in your attic or home, the only way to permanently solve the problem is to close all the entry points! This is a special skill, and it requires extensive knowledge of both architecture and animal behavior. Being a skilled repairman also helps. All repairs should be done in such a way that keeps animals out for good - this often means sealing with steel, and sealing openings so that they are airtight, with no trace of airflow for animals to detect. Remember, rodents can gnaw through almost anything, and raccoons can tear through almost anything. While it's important to trap and remove animals, and clean up the waste they leave behind, the most important step in solving the critter problem and in keeping animals out forever is to identify and repair every last critter access point into the building. Without this crucial step, the job isn't complete.

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