Trapper Apprentice - Learning How To Trap Wildlife

11.19.2006 - I have a new apprentice training with me.  His name is Ben, and already he's shaping up to be a fine wildlife removal specialist.  He's demonstrated a willingness to climb into hot attics, crawl under dirty homes, and sniff out dead animal carcasses.  He doesn't mind getting his hands dirty, that's for sure!  Here's a list of the traits that make a good wildlife trapper apprentice:

Common Sense - Probably the most important thing, outside of being a good person, and not everyone has it of course.  I don't care if someone has a fancy pants degree in wildlife biology.  That won't help a bit.  What will help is the ability to just know things like "make sure the ladder is secure before climbing it", or "if there's squirrels inside an attic, don't seal them in alive".

Courteous - We deal with customers all day long.  From answering the phone to talking to the customer at their doorstep, to communicating the particulars of the job, you've got to be polite to people.  Wipe your feet before you enter a house!  Show up on time!  Say please and thank you! Simple, but not everyone is nice.

Competent - It's amazing how few people are just plain competent.  I mean, little things, like "can drive a truck without crashing" or "can write down an address correctly".  I've found in life that most things a monkey ought to be able to do, some people can't (or choose not to, out of laziness, alcohol, carelessness, etc).

Okay, I could go on and on listing the general things that make a good person a good person.  So really, all I want is a good person, who works hard and wants to do well as a wildlfie trapper.  But aside from that, specific to nuisance wildlife control, a good candidate should not be afraid of heights, should not mind long hours and weekend work, should be physically fit, handy with tools and repairs, and of course excited to handle wild animals.  If you can't crawl under a filthy home and remove a dead flea-covered opossum with a smile on your face (I LOVE doing that!) then this job isn't for you.  Ben is absolutely fabulous at every facet of nuisance wildlife control.  He's the best!

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