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10.06.2003 - I am most pleased to be a wildlife removal specialist in Orlando FL. I trap and remove nuisance wild animals from people's homes and property. Most commonly, I deal with raccoons, opossums, armadillos, squirrels, snakes, & bats. When it comes to catching animals in large cages, such as shown in the above photo, it's mostly raccoons, opossums, and armadillos. In the above photo, I have a stack of four cages with raccoons, and one opossum.

I caught the first raccoon at a house in which the raccoon was pooping in the customer's pool. I simply set a cage trap next to the poop steps, and caught the rascal. I caught the second raccoon at a house at which the raccoon was ripping open the screened-in porch and eating bird seed inside the porch area. I caught the third raccoon at an apartment complex at which the raccoon was entering the attic of one of the apartments, by ripping a hole open in a roof vent. I caught the final raccoon at a customer's house at which the raccoon was simply walking all over the ceiling at night and making a lot of noise, keeping the homeowners awake.

I caught the opossum at a property where the possum was living underneath a shed. All of these wild animals in Orlando will be relocated to a nature preserve area about 25 miles SE of the city. It's a long drive to make every evening, but it's worth it to see these animals relocated safely and not harmed. I usually have several animals each night, so I don't mind driving them all. I make sure that they are cool and comfortable until it's time to release them. It's very important to me that no animal is killed or suffers.

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