Dead Animal Removal, Orlando Florida

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AAAnimal Control is the leading expert for dead animal removal. On many occasions, other companies have come and tried and failed (and still charged an arm and a leg), and then I come out and find and remove that dead animal. Here are the most common situations that I deal with:

  • Dead rat or squirrel in the attic.
  • Dead opossum or raccoon under the house.
  • Dead rat or mouse in the wall.
  • Or, simply, a dead animal in the yard.
Dead animal removal is not easy. I have to crawl in hot attics and under dirty homes, often in hazardous conditions, and sniff out the animal, remove, decontaminate if necessary, and later dispose of the carcass in a proper manner. It's not a pleasant job. Nevertheless, dead animal removal is a necessary service, and few jobs leave customers more grateful.

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Luckily, this raccoon died in an easy to reach place.

This opossum died under a home, causing a strong stench within.

Can one giant rat in the ceiling really smell bad? Just ask the employees who refused to work there.

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An impossible to find dead opossum under a house.

Very hard to find dead rats - holes cut in walls.

Very hard to find dead raccoon in the AC unit.

Typical dead rat removal from the attic.

A dead opossum in the attic -easy.

I cut a hole in the wall to remove this dead opossum with babies.

This dead rat was found inside the kitchen stove wire housing.

A dead pitt-bull under a house.

Yet another horrific job underneath a mobile trailer home.

Some people object to the above photos, other are fascinated, but whatever the case, yes, animals do die. If they die inside your house, they will cause a terrible odor problem. I have to stress that dead animal carcass extraction is not always easy. It's often very difficult to find the source of the odor. The whole house might stink, yet the animal is stuck down some wall, or under insulation, or somewhere very hard to find. It's very common for me to work at a house at which other companies have already been hired, but failed to find the dead critter. It takes experience and persistence to find and remove the animal. Once we remove it, we also clean and deodorize the area. We also find the cause of the problem - the animal got into your house and was living there. There might be more animals inside that need removal, and we need to seal all of the entry points shut so that this problem doesn't happen again. We pride ourselves on the best success rate and service. or Also, click here if you need Tampa dead animal removal in the Tampa Bay area. Click here to read about proper dead animal disposal if you want to get rid of it yourself.

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