I'm not hurting it, it's just alarmed.

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Mexican free-tail bats are often regarded as the fastest species of bat in the world, but they also boast another impressive skill – “singing.” This bat utilizes a method called echolocation in order to navigate while in flight, and for finding prey. Echolocation by definition is the bats ability to use the echoes of sound that they call out in order to discern the direction and distance of any given object. Essentially the bats are communicating or “singing” to one another. This communication is usually of a constant frequency – however they are too high for humans to hear. Occasionally humans will be able to hear portions of bat songs, but only when the frequencies are low enough for the person to hear them. Each song has been determined to be made up of over 15 syllables. These songs can be used for mating rituals and general communication.

When communicating during mating, every male bat utilizes the 15+ syllable song, but each syllable is unique to each bat so that he is able to create his own unique mating song. In general communication, a mother might “sing” to her pup to teach it how to recognize her “voice”, there may be some communication to establish social status, it could be used to alert intruders to stay away, or it may be used to establish territorial borders. The fascinating thing about the way bats communicate is that bats are the only other mammals on earth who can “speak” to one another with as much complexity as humans.

Because bat communication is so complex, scientists are now studying the areas of the brain that are activated in bats when they sing. In this way scientists hope to formulate hypothesis on how to determine the reasons for certain speech disorders in humans and how they might be corrected.

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Bats are great animals! Unfortunately, the do often choose to roost inside home and buildings, where they can create a big mess. It's a good idea to remove the bats from your belfry or attic, but it's also a great idea to avoid harming them! Any competent wildlife control expert should have the knowledge and expertise to safely and effectively remove an entire colony of bats from a house without harming or killing a single one. I know that I have a 100% success rate with bat removal jobs, and I believe the list of companies that I've compiled in my directory is of similar quality. If you want to learn more, please read my How To Get Rid of Bats page.

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