Things that attract snakes

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Without knowing about it, you could be inviting snakes into your yard or garden. When you invite these slithering serpents into your yard or garden, you are encouraging them to take a closer look at your house. We’re sure you wouldn’t want a wild snake in your home … If you haven’t made sure your home is snake-proof, you could very well encounter that exact problem. Wild animals are on the rampage, and they’re invading our homes.

If you know what is attracting snakes into your property, you can take them away. When you take them away, the snake has no reason to come any closer and hopefully, it’ll slither away. Hopefully once again, this will be BEFORE the snake has had the chance to enter your home or commercial building.

Snakes seem to really like organic gardens. Fertilizers and chemicals aren’t good to the environment, and snakes seem to avoid gardens that use them. We wouldn’t recommend this as a way to rat-proof your home, but if the organic, healthy and wholesome way of life is going to appeal to you, it’ll probably appeal to a wild animal also. (In fact, many wild animals aren’t picky and will take what they can get.)

The reasons snakes come into your garden is because you have plenty of food there. If it’s not food, it might be a source of shelter that the serpent is looking for. Now that you know that, it might be time to take a peek around your back yard. How’s it looking?

If you have debris in your garden, there’s a good chance some wild animal will use it for their home. Snakes love to sleep underneath things, particularly garden debris, and you will be in for a nasty shock when you go to move whatever the debris is, away. Old tree stumps, old pieces of wood that have been left lying around, and even of furniture that you plan to throw away can all provide the snake with a place to shelter from predators, or just to have a little nap.

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As well as shelter, snakes are looking for fresh water to drink. Do you have a pond or pool? If you do, your garden is likely to be invaded by a number of wild animals, snakes being just one of them.

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Of course, one of the biggest things that drives these wild critters to do anything, is food! If you have a rat or mouse problem, for example, you have a higher chance of having a snake invader too. Rodents are what make up the bulk of many of these snakes’ diet, and if there are loads for the taking where you live, the snake will attempt to take them. This means that they will occasionally and accentually find themselves somewhere they shouldn’t be. Like, in your bathroom or bedroom.

Some snakes are actually really good to have around because they take care of the rodents and insects that you would rather not deal with. This is only the case, however, when it happens in the great outdoors. You do not want to start a food chain in the middle of your home. This is why it is important to have any wild animal control issue sorted out by a professional. It’s never long before one animal means two, and then three, and then many more after it. It starts off with the same species, and then it’ll be others — predators, for example.

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