Can snakes crawl up our toilets or other plumbing?

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Your plumbing is something that helps to keep your house moving smoothly. It not only brings water into the home that you can use to shower, wash dishes, and even fill your toilet, but it is also used to carry the vast amount of waste that goes out of your house. Every time you take a bath, flush your toilet, or run your washing machine, water and the additional contents that go with it head down your plumbing and out to the sewer system where they are disposed of. It’s a very efficient system that helps to keep your house running smoothly.

Sadly, there are issues you can have with your plumbing. Drains and pipes can become clogged, pipes can crack and even become broken, and you can have separation of pipes caused by shifting in your home. All of these can make for quite a difficult time in your home, one that may cost you a great deal of money to fix.

One thing that not many people consider when dealing with their own is the fact that animals will use those pipes at times to crawl up and into your home. This seems kind of odd that an animal or insect would be able to do this, but the truth is that there are many instances where one of these critters gain access through your plumbing or even through your toilet. This just doesn’t seem possible, but the truth is that many different kinds of organisms have found their way through your pipes, which may make you wonder can snakes crawl up plumbing, swimming pools, or toilets to gain access into your home?

This probably sounds quite disconcerting to you to even imagine a snake making its way through the pipes from outside and then getting into your home. That just doesn’t seem possible but, sadly, it is. Snakes are quite shifty and are simply able to follow the pipes up and around your walls and into your home.

Because the water that is running does not usually take up the whole pipe and also because of the fact that it does not usually run for long periods of time, the snake can withstand a sudden rush of water and continue its journey toward the light, which may be your sink, bathtub, or even your toilet.

To control this problem, there are special filters that you can buy that go into the pipes and keep virtually any critter from gaining access into your home using this method. These filters are very easy to install and do not clog up the pipes heading the opposite direction. This makes it so that you can keep animals and insects, such as snakes, out of your home so that you can have greater peace of mind that you do not have to worry about them getting in.

With a little expense and a little bit of time you can resolve this problem to ensure that these creatures will not get into your home. You may find that this is a worthwhile investment. For more information, you may want to click on one of these guides that I wrote:
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