Does Snake Repellent Work?

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People will always try to sell you products, and magic cure-alls. In the field of wildlife control, you'll often find more bogus products than effective ones. Snakes are reptiles, not insects. The internet is full of snake deterrent products, but virtually none of them work. Some of these products include cinnamon or spicy powders, which are nice ideas in theory, but are not effective. Other products are simply made of napthalene - moth balls - which some companies sell as an end-all be-all in wildlife repellant. Sorry, it simply doesn't work, for any animals, including snakes, and it poisons the environment. I've seen people dump a whole 5 lb. box of mothballs under a deck where snakes are living, and they don't care in the slightest. They keep using the area. People also claim that sulphur will keep snakes away. That is ridiculous. Hey, I know, why don't you just sprinkle lemon juice on the ground - that is sure to keep snakes at bay. Devices such as ultrasonic sound emitters that make a high-pitched noise are completely useless, and ruled as fraudulent by the Federal Trade Commission. I've been to so many properties over the years in which people have spent time and money on silly gimmicks like these. The only thing that works with snakes is to physically remove them. You can either do this yourself or hire a real wildlife control operator, to get the problem correctly taken care of, or you can do it yourself if you use a snake removal trap to actively catch the snake.

If you have a snake problem and you wish to get rid of them, they should be physically trapped and removed from the habitat. Either that, or physical barriers, such as fences (that go at least a foot underground) should be put in place as a means of snake prevention, to keep them from entering ground level areas. The real best form of repellent is preventative methods, such as keeping your yard free of debris. You'll also want to seal any open holes leading into your house, so that no snakes can get inside.

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Do snake deterrents work - Snake deterrents generally don?t work. That means the products on the shelves in the store and the products on your shelves at home don?t work. There are a few professional-grade substances that have moderate efficacy, such as ultra rare mongoose urine, which isn't effective most of the time anyway. The reason snake repellents don?t work is because there is nothing intimidating to a snake about the smell of naphthalene or sulfur. Even if there were, snakes do not smell the way people traditionally assume they do. Snakes use smell as a method of information. They are not looking for pleasing or foul smells; they are looking for food, water, or landmarks. What this boils down to is that snakes need to be repelled by other means. Thankfully, those other means are well within your grasp as a homeowner. To keep snakes away from your home and property, you need to make the space as unappealing as possible. This means no long grass. You don?t need to cut your lawn to the point of burned blades, but keep the grass short enough to prevent a snake from wanting to cross it. This has nothing to do with texture; snakes do not want to be seen by predators or prey. Short grass leaves the very exposed for a long distance.

Do sonic snake repellers work - Do not waste your money on sonic snake repellers. These items will tell you they emit a sound that humans cannot hear but snakes can. The reptiles supposedly can?t tolerate the specific pitch and have to leave the immediate area. The truth of the matter is that snakes don?t hear, at least not at frequencies louder than a human does. Instead of having traditional ears, snakes rely more on vibrations in the ground to tell them information. A sonic repeller would be a complete waste of time. In fact, do not buy any of the commercial repellents on the shelf at the store. Your time and effort is better spent patrolling the outside of your home and property. Snakes come to places where they can find food or shelter or both. There are things about your yard that are drawing them in, and you need to find out what those attractants are. Long grass is one of the most common reasons why snakes are on a property. And it?s not just the long grass around your perimeter. Long yard grass will be a problem. It only takes a few missed mowing episodes for snakes to start moving in. Other vegetation, like thick or unmaintained gardens should also be remedied.

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