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Wildlife Removal Advice - Why do opossums die under houses?

Why do opossums die under houses?

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One of the most common places to fins opossums in human territories is under a house. Why? Because it has all the things that a female opossum would be looking for to bring up her youngsters. It's hard to find rock piles and other similar spots in the wild these days, so these creatures are being forced to move in with humans. They don't have a choice. It's a case of kill or evolve, and the opossum is choosing to evolve. Many wild creatures are, especially those that you would class as nuisance wildlife. Raccoons, opossums, skunks, coyotes, foxes, and more have all learned that humans mean food, water, and shelter, and that's what keeps them coming back for more.

Opossums can die under houses for many reasons. Sometimes, it’ll be down to natural causes. They may have become infected with something, or have come under attack from bigger predators. They may even have ingested poison left out for rats by humans. Rarely, it is because they have been locked in by a homeowner too eager to seal up their habitat. In this case, the animal usually finds a way out somehow, causing another hole for the homeowner then to have to seal up too. In the time that it takes for them to notice that a new hole has appeared, a brand new animal invasion could be underway.

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