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I have more bat photos: click here for Bat Photo Gallery #1 (20 more bat photos)

Tampa bat control project. Miami bat removal job. Lots of bats in a hotel. A cluster of bats in an attic.

This 40' ladder gets me to the bats. Here the are, in a barrel tile roof. This 60' boom lift helps me reach them. They often live in the highest roof peak.

Here's a nice group of freetail bats. Bats in an attic - a common sight. Bats like to live under roof tiles. They usually crawl deep inside.

This is a 100' boom lift at a condo. Here's the view from the top. That's me working on the roof. I had to net these tile covered towers.

Some jerk exterminator killed bats. They leave a lot of droppings outside. And in the attic. It must be cleaned. This is a small clump of bat guano.

Sometimes I have to hang off the roof. In order to get bats under the barrel tile. This colony is so old, now it's skeletons.

For Bat control in the state of Florida call 407-538-1694. If you live elsewhere, click for the National Directory of Trappers

I also have various photos in my bat control blog, such as this photo of a Mexican Freetail Bat, and this Evening Bat photo, and this photograph of a Bat Flying In Attic, and another photo of bats in flight, and this flying bat photograph. I also have a picture of a male bat in tree and bats in roof. Here is some rabid bat rabies information, since bats carry this disease. In order to take care of bat problems, I have info on a bat control project, and specifically, information on florida bat removal, including bat control in Sanford Florida, where there's a significant bat problem, and also Tampa bat removal and Miami bat removal.

AAAnimal Control is a privately owned wildlife removal and pest control business, located in Orlando Florida. I deal strictly with wild animals. I am not an extermination company, but a critter removal and control specialist. The above photos are some of the many that I've taken in the field over my years of work. Please email me if you have any questions about the above photographs.

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